Wedding Candles: A Complete and Thorough Guide for Weddings


As someone, who is currently planning a wedding, you should know that it is vital to purchase and utilize wedding candles! With the use of these candles, you will be able to benefit enormously and your wedding will be much more elegant, special and beautiful. Of course, purchasing candles might seem like an easy take, but there are numerous things to take into account. You’ll need to ensure that you take each and every aspect into account, in order to get the right candles for your upcoming wedding. Within this guide, you will be able to discover everything you need to know about purchasing and using candles for your upcoming wedding.

Where to Buy

When attempting to purchase your wedding candles, it is essential to explore every opportunity that is available to you. First and foremost, you’ll want to check with your local retail stores. The big box stores all sell these items and you’ll want to check their supplies. You might get lucky and find exactly what you want and need. On the other hand, you will definitely want to scour the online dealers. These individuals can offer you some excellent deals. Just make sure that you’re willing to pay for the shipping and handling. A little extra work can result in free shipping too! Either option is well worth it and you will want to shop about, until you discover the candles that fit your needs.

Different Types of Candle Wax

Next you should know all about the different types of candle waxes. Each one has its own pros, cons and price tag. By knowing all there is to know about each individual type, you will have a much easier time choosing the right one for your particular situation! Below, you will be able to learn about some of the different types of candle waxes.

Palm – Palm wax is a natural wax, which is produced from vegetables. It is also one of the longest burning waxes. Even in hot weather, this type of wax will maintain its shape! When burned, these waxes produce very little smoke and soot, if utilizing a cotton wick. Unfortunately, this type of wax is very costly and will cost you a little more money.

Soy – Soy wax tends to be very clean and burns very slowly. When it is used in pure form, the candle will remain toxin free. This wax is extremely versatile and is often found in larger candles. Unfortunately, these types of candles are usually never sold, as pure soy. Instead, you will usually receive a concoction, which is 20% soy. This alone brings about soy’s downfall.

Beeswax – Beeswax is very elegant and often utilized in luxurious situations, such as the holidays and especially for weddings. Although these candles might be a tad more expensive, they’re very clean and are capable of burning for a tremendously long period of time! If you love the smell of honey, you’ll love beeswax candles, which provide a natural aroma. These candles are also nearly drip-free, which will keep your wedding tables clean and perfect!

Bayberry – If you’re looking for the most costly wax, you’ll likely want to purchase bayberry candles. They’re very expensive and also very rare. When burned, they produce an aroma of freshly cut grass, which can be very pleasant. This wax is frequently used for Christmas and New Year’s candles. It is nearly impossible to find pure bayberry candles, because the wax is so brittle. Instead, it is usually mixed with beeswax.

Paraffin – When it comes down to it, the majority of candles sold are made from paraffin. This is the case, because the wax is very inexpensive. The wax can burn for a moderate period of time, when it is fused with additives. Unfortunately, the candles are not very environmentally friendly. Instead, they release a whole lot of pollutants and black soot, when burned. Some individuals will actually experience a negative reaction, when they encounter burning paraffin wax.

Unity Candles

If you’re dead set on utilizing wedding candles for your ceremony, you’ll want to consider using unity candles. These candles are capable of adding a little symbolism to your wedding! Make sure that your church incorporates these candles into their ceremonies, before making your purchase! If they do, you will want to spend a little extra to get a great unity candle display. Although there are numerous options to play around with, I really like the floating wedding unity candle!

If you decide to take this route, I suggest that you consider personalizing your unity candle. It is possible to add your name, as well as the name of your significant other to the front of the vase. You can also inscribe the date of the wedding. By doing this, you will be able to take the candle home and use it within your home for many years to come!

Votive Candles

Many couples will be interested in putting together a beautiful display that isn’t overly expensive. If this is something that sparks your interest, you’ll want to contemplate using votive candles. Purchasing these candles is easy enough and the price is usually very affordable. At the same time, you should remember that the candle holders, which are nearly a requirement, should also be purchased! Thankfully, they’re relatively inexpensive, as well!

So, what can you actually pull off, with these candles? Truthfully, it is entirely possible to create an assortment of displays, with votive candles. Creating a nice centerpiece with these candles isn’t out of question! Also, you can use these candles to decorate the exterior of the venue or your walkway! Lining the runway or walking path with these candles is entirely acceptable and will help to make the display even more attractive! When used in this manner, you will need to use a little more caution, in order to ensure that the candles do not get kicked and knocked over. Otherwise, you should go for it! Use votive candles and play around with it, until you find something that you absolutely love!

Decorating Pillar Candles

Do you have some old pillar candles lying around your home that you would like to take advantage of? Instead of spending lots of money on an expensive wedding candle, you should consider decorating those pillar candles and turning them into a work of art. There are many ways that you can pull this task off, but one thing that you will need is creativity.

You can utilize metal cookie cutters to stamp stencils onto the sides of the candles. This way you can personalize them with the bride and groom’s first initial of their name. Once you have the stencil stamped into the candle, you can easily color it with acrylic paint. Just make sure that the paint is filled into the letters and wipe off the excess with a clean cloth.

Customized or self-inking stamps can also be utilized to decorate the sides of the candle. These are available innumerable designs, so you will surely find something that will fit into your wedding theme. Wax string can be used to decorate the bottom of the candles, which will give them a very unique appearance.

If you choose to decorate those old candles, you can also do the same thing with champagne or wine glasses. Be sure to decorate them with the same designs and patterns, so they match perfectly together.

Rose Ball Candle

Are you utilizing the rose species, as your primary flower for your wedding? If so, you should definitely consider throwing the rose ball candle into your centerpieces. These candles are very unique and available innumerable sizes including 3, 12, 14, and 21 centimeters in diameter. They are round and have the appearance of a bouquet. This candle will keep its shape, even after being burned for several hours.

You can arrange them by size or incorporate them into your other wedding décor. You will also have the option of enveloping them into your home décor, because they are capable of burning up to 80-100 hours.

You can also spray the candles with the appropriate paint colors, so they will fit into your wedding color palette. Just make sure that you wipe the candle thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol, before you spray it with the acrylic paint, because the paint will not stick to the candle, if you skip this important step.

Handcrafted Wedding Candles

Handcrafted candles are perfect for any wedding. The great thing about handcrafted products is you are supporting those local craftsmen, in your hometown. They are higher quality than what you would purchase from a big box or department store, because all of their products are mass produced, whereas, handcrafted products are made out of love.

A handcrafted wedding candle may be constructed out of beeswax, which is very suitable for those eco-friendly people that are concerned about the environment. They burn clean, without that nasty soot and smoke. You will find a large array of handcrafted candles that will fit into any wedding theme, so be sure to envelop them into your wedding décor and centerpieces.

Wedding Dress Candle

Are you searching for a creative fashionable candle that will look awesome on the bride and groom table? If so, you definitely need to consider the wedding dress candle. This beautiful display will definitely fit into any formal or informal wedding. The beautiful gown has the appearance of lace and tulle fabric, with a white sash tied around the waist.

These candles are very affordable and can be purchased, as a bulk item on the Internet. It is packaged in a lovely box and you have the option of adding a personalized gift tag to the gift box.

The candle is around 30cm H x 15cm D, so they will fit into any wedding décor perfectly.

Creating an Adorable Centerpiece

With the right vases and candles, it is possible to create some adorable little centerpieces, without a tremendous amount of work. Instead, you don’t need a lot of items, aside from those already mentioned. Just make sure that the vases are several different sizes. It is best to stick with three or four vases of the same shape, but each should be a little different in size. After this, you’ll want to purchase some floating candles. This is a much easier selection to make. The candles are easy to find and you can easily purchase a bundle of them. The differentials aren’t necessary here.

After this, you can pretty much fill up the vases with water and put the candle on the top to finish the display. You can also add a little more elegance to the display, if you wish. This can be done, by adding river stones or pebbles to the bottom of the vase. Adding a nice submersible flower to each vase is also possible. With a little bit of effort, you will be able to throw together a nice little arrangement that is effective, beautiful and memorable.

Push Pins and Sequin

If you want to add a little pizzazz to your plain wedding candles, you should definitely decorate them with sequin and tiny beads. You can purchase these at any hobby or arts and craft store for a very affordable price. Use push pins to attach them to the candles. You can use a stencil to create a design on the candles and then place the sequin on top of the outline. These beauties will surely surprise your guests and you will have the option of giving them away, as wedding favors, if you choose to do so.

Decorating with Brads and Snaps

Have you searched high and low for the perfect wedding candle to no avail? Well, why not decorate a plain candle and turn it into a beautiful wedding decorative item. You can utilize scrapbooking brads and snaps to personalize the candles with initials, unique patterns, or designs. If you use your creative side for this task, you will definitely surprise all of your guests.

You can use an array of sizes and decorate them with the same designs or mix it up a bit. Use bric brac trim to wrap around the top and bottom of the candles, just to add a little more charm to them. This trim is available in innumerable colors, so you will find something that will fit into your color scheme.

Consider Wedding Candles as Favors

There are many couples that want to be able to give away favors that are practical! If this is something that speaks to you, it is vital to make sure that you choose items that will be utilized, by your friends and family members. Candles fit this mold perfectly, because they’ll definitely be burned sooner or later! Regardless of the size and shape of the candles, you can pretty much guarantee that they’ll be accepted graciously and with a smile. It is entirely possible to customize these types of favors for increased effect.

Although you might think that personalized favors would be overly expensive, this actually doesn’t ring true here. In fact, it is possible to purchase personalized wedding candle favors for as little as a dollar or two a piece! Although there are some more expensive alternatives, you can spend as much as you wish and get whatever you desire! There are several different options to juggle here. For instance, you can choose to personalize a tin, which holds a candle. On the other hand, you can personalize the candle’s holder or vase.

Regardless of your choice, you will be able to guarantee that the favors will be adorable, personal and very much appreciated. Your guests will undoubtedly take them home and set them alight long after the wedding has passed!

Dried Floral Candles

If you are having an outdoor or rustic themed wedding, you should consider taking advantage of the dried leaf and flower. You will need to start this project several months prior to your wedding date, because you will want to allow the plants time to dry out completely, before you start gluing them onto the candles.

You can visit your local florist or head out to the closest hillside to collect your plants and flowers. Once you have collected a small array of them, you will want to place them inside of a book, so they will dry flat. An autumn wedding will be the perfect opportunity for you to show off your artsy skills, because fall leaves are extraordinarily beautiful and colorful.

Once the flowers have completely dried, you can spray glue onto the sides of the candles and arrange the flowers in a very unique way on them. You can also use a clear silicone spray to cover the flowers once you have them glued into place, but make sure that you allow the glue to completely dry.

Upside Down Glasses

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to decorate your wedding, you will want to think in an unconventional manner. One way to do this is by grabbing a lot of champagne glasses. Most couples will already have a bunch of these on hand anyway. Once you’ve gotten these items, you will want to make sure to flip them upside down. Use the bottle part of the glass, as a candleholder.

It is possible to add a little more elegance and charm to the arrangement, by using a nice flower bloom. All you need to do is toss the bloom underneath the glass and allow the cup to encapsulate it! Although this might seem simple, it can still be tremendously effective and attract a lot of attention.

Grassy Candles

Do you want to develop a candle that will surely fit into any outdoor wedding? If so, you should consider the grassy candle. This unique embellishment will give the candles the appearance of sitting on a grassy hillside.

You can utilize artificial or real grass for this project, but make sure that they have the rounded and pointy top of a real blade of grass. You should stick with white, ivory, or cream colored candles, because the green grass will show more vividly, with a white background.

Utilize an array of pillar candles of all different sizes. This is a tedious task, but if you are diligent, you will pull it off beautifully. Gather your grass and cut them to all different lengths, before you glue them onto the candles. Remember you only want the grass to reach about ½ or ¾ ways up the candle. Glue one blade at a time onto the candle, but be sure that you place it underneath the candle or flush with the bottom.

You can sit them on top of green saucers or pillar candle holders, so they will be seen, by everyone.

Dried Fruity Candle

Many couples are using dried or raw fruit, as a wedding décor. The dried fruity candle will surely look great on any reception table. Just make sure that you stick with candles that are suitable for your wedding color palette. You can utilize any type of fruit that can be cut into thin slices such as oranges, apples, and lemons.

Once you have chosen your fruit, you should go ahead a cut it into thin slices, but be sure to remove all of the seeds. You can use a dehydrator, sun, or oven for the drying process. The sun can be a bit tricky, because the temperatures must reach up into the 90s, in order to pull this off. You will be better off to oven dry the fruit, with 200 degree Fahrenheit temperatures.

Be sure to lay the fruit flat onto a baking pan, before placing them into the oven. You may also need to leave the door open, during this process, so the air can circulate throughout the oven.

Just glue or paste the dried fruit onto your candles, before you sit them onto the reception tables.


When attempting to purchase wedding candles for your upcoming wedding, you will have numerous options and parameters to choose from. With this in mind, you should read and do research, until you discover all of the information needed to make the right choice. Once this is done, you will want to make sure to look into yourself for answers. As long as you are satisfied with the final selection, you will be able to guarantee that your wedding will be tremendously memorable!

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